New Year Resolutions

This new year everyone should have a goal that they can reach till the end of the year but bare in mind that it should be something achievable! Everyone should change for the good and aim for high so individuals, for example, may want to achieve awesome grades (like me!) but it takes effort, dedication, determination to do so and maybe individuals could change the way they manage their time or just identify their skills and qualities. So your maybe thinking why, right? Why, because in order to achieve at the top of the hierachy these skills and qualities will, in fact, help you! People need to have confidence and believe that they can reach the stars and are awesome in what they do however they shouldn’t get too proud as this can trigger off arrognace so just a little!! This new resolution for Me, myself and I maybe short but I have the confidence within me that I ‘WILL’ achieve and reach for higher aspirations and everyone else should too, right?